20 Shots of Opera

Lockdown has ben hard for everyone. Those who work in the arts have seen their income streams disappear and are scrabbling around for new ways to create and interact with audiences.

Irish National Opera has come up with a unique way to tackle these challenges. They have commissioned 20 new 5 minute operas to be filmed for online broadcast. The scope of the project is vast, as are the range of subjects and styles.

Under level 5 lockdown, the company managed to rehearse, record and film all 20 operas.

I perform Through and Through an opera by Peter Fahey directed by Anabelle Comyn.

Peter Fahey, composer

I play a noblewoman who murders her lover, is taunted by a magical talking bird (who has witnessed the crime) and, ultimately, is accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake. The text is adapted from a Medieval Scottish Ballad (Henry Lee) which has appeared in many forms. Peter’s and Anabelle’s version is gothic, frightening and unsettling.

The film was directed by Hugh O’Connor and will be released, along with all 20 Shots, on the INO website on the 17th of December.