‘The Other Woman’ Recital Goes International

After a hugely successful performance at the National Portrait Gallery on the 18th of March, my ‘The Other Woman’ recital programme has been included in the events atthe IASIL (International Association for the Study of Irish Literatures) 2011 Conference at the Catholic University of Leuven on the 21st of July. This programme is an exploration of women as represented in the (mostly male dominated) art song tradition. Women abound in this tradition but are usually represented as lovers or objects of desire. I was interested in seeking out songs and texts which look at other representations of women; as victims, spirits, mothers and also how women represent themselves in song. The programme includes new work by Nico Muhly and Lori Laitman as well as Irish composer TC Kelly and Schumann and Liszt. Russian pianist Sergey Rybin joins me in Belgium. Ja Yeon Kang will perform with me on the 17th of June when we give the same programme at Trinity Arts Centre, Gainsborough.